Virtual Real Estate

This is an easy one. Yet, it takes some skills to perfect what to look for. The main objective is to find expired domain names, buy them and resell them for profit. It sounds easy. You will need to know what key words to look for, some names and phrases are worth more than others. You will need to know which words to keep an eye out for.
I have found useful information on sites like It’s one of the more popular domain sites for buying/selling. Another option can be creating your own unique domain and selling for a profit. I have used Flippa in the past, the site seems secure. But, remember to always be aware of scammers.
I look at buying and selling domains names as virtual real estate. You can actually own a section of the web and make a profit. Some domains sell for a few hundred bucks, and others sell for millions. I suggest doing the proper research before going online and buying. You will need to know it’s worth. There are some educational programs that will teach you the ins and outs. I would check out Domain Dough he has a large amount of knowledge in the Domain Game.
Good Luck! Feel free to give feedback from your own domain buying and selling experiences.

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